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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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February 9, 7975.

You will remember that we had been speaking
about the difference between the important and the
unimportant. The Master goes on to say:

You must distinguish not only the useful from the use"
less, but the more useful from the less useful.

All good people try to do something to help the
world in one way or another, and all such work is
good work, and therefore it is truly the work of the
Great Hierarchy, and so we may call it our Master's
work without any fear of wrong. But there is some
part of our Master's work which these men cannot do.
He gives here an instance. He says:

To feed the poor is a good and noble and useful
work ; yet to feed their souls is nobler and more useful
than to fetd their bodies. Any rich man can feed the body,
but only those who know can feed the soul.

It has sometimes been brought as a reproach
against the Theosophical Society that "it does not
engage itself in active philanthropic work such as the
distribution of food and clothing to the poor. Some
of our branches have done a good deal in that sort of